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Will InSource Solutions Group eTax work with my office accounting software?

InSource Solutions Group eSolutions work with most commercially available office software. Also InSource Solutions Group can create custom interfaces for almost any other software should it be necessary. We regularly update interfaces to ensure that they operate seamlessly with both older and the newest office software. Contact technical assistance to inquire whether your software has been or will be interfaced to work with InSource Solutions Group eSolutions.

Does InSource Solutions Group train my staff to use the eSolutions I need?

Yes, InSource Solutions Group sales staff can provide your staff the training they'll need to successfully incorporate eSolutions into your operations. In addition, technical assistance is always just a phone call or e-mail away to provide timely tips, technical support, and troubleshooting so that your operations always run smoothly.

Is the sensitive information I input into an eSolution safe from hackers?

Yes. Our interfaces use the latest and most secure encryption technology. Our data facility employs the most robust computer security to provide protection from any attempts to access information without authorization.  In addition, you decide what data is stored on our system and what isn't.

What computer system requirements are needed to run eSolutions?

Because eSolutions are Web-based tools, all that is needed to incorporate eSolutions into your office operations is a computer with an Internet connection. The speed of Internet connection will affect the speed at which eSolutions work, but each eSolution works well even with standard speed dial-up connections.

Will I receive periodical updates of each eSolution?

No. InSource Solutions Group has removed the need for periodical updates, and the constant need to load new software. Every time you log in, you are getting all advantages of the latest and best version of each eSolution.

Do I need to contact InSource Solutions Group to change or update access for my staff as needed?

No. Once an InSource Solutions Group eSolution is in place, you or a designated “administrator” can alter the authorized user list as necessary. InSource Solutions Group eSolutions let you assign each staff member a unique ID and password, add or delete authorization for personnel, or reset ID and passwords as necessary, to ensure your information is accessible to only those you desire.