Streamline Getting Paid

InSource eBilling is a proprietary Web-tool that prepares and delivers bills and invoices, provides online electronic payment options, and tracks payments. It simplifies billing and receiving payments, and eliminates the expense of preparing and sending bills and receiving processing payments.

InSource eBilling

In addition, eBilling offers customers the benefit of online bill and payment histories.

InSource stores up to one year of the customer data you provide on our high-security servers.


And, depending on your preference or that of your customers’, eBilling

eBilling can be used alone or with eTax, eBusiness or eTarget to ease operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

eBilling, an eSolution from InSource, is an innovative tool that lowers paper use, promotes a more “green” environment, and provides the technology to do business better.

InSource eSolutions Are “Green”

In addition to saving money, InSource eSolutions help protect our environment. Our eSolutions reduce the amount of paper used for billing, tax reporting, office ordering and printing, conserve precious natural resources, reduce energy use, and help to keep the world in which we live and work, green.