Streamline Local Taxes

Protect all of your data exchanges and simplify communications throughout your business with military-grade encryption technologies.


As the focus on privacy intensifies, regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent.  However, email - although not often secure - is often the most efficient way to communicate.  SecureMail™ bridges the gap between efficiency and security by protecting sensitive messages with military-grade encryption.

Securing both messages and attachments, SecureMail™ can eliminate the slow and costly delivery of confidential or other sensitive information through fax, mail or courier services.  It’s an easy solution that provides a faster and more secure method to share information while minimizing the risk of exposing sensitive data.

Mobile Device Compatibility

SecureMail™ is compatible with smartphones and tablets for users who are on the go.  It gives mobile workers the flexibility they need to travel while providing organizations with the necessary security to protect their data.  In addition to the same military-grade encryption offered through traditional email, SecureMail™ ensures that confidential information does not reside on the smartphone or tablet protecting the organization from exposing data if the device is lost or replaced.

SecureMail™ and SecureContact™ are trademarked products of DataMotion.

InSource eSolutions Are “Green”

In addition to saving money, InSource eSolutions help protect our environment. Our eSolutions reduce the amount of paper used for billing, tax reporting, office ordering and printing, conserve precious natural resources, reduce energy use, and help to keep the world in which we live and work, green.