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Protect all of your data exchanges and simplify communications throughout your business with military-grade encryption technologies.

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Automate and secure workflows, expand reach and cut costs with InSource Solutions Group secure eForms.

It's more important than ever to make it easy for your customers to do business with you, and to be responsive to their needs. However, manual processes that use printers, faxes and couriers are error-prone, time-consuming and don't tie in to back end systems. And web application portals can be very expensive to build and maintain.

Secure eForms provides a powerful tool for your customers and partners to securely submit information for automatic integration into your back end systems. Deliver eForms securely and directly to a customer’s email inbox, bypassing portal logins and expanding the reach of your business. With secure eForms, businesses can now web-enable offline workflows in ways that were never thought possible such as Tax Forms, Withholding Filing, Individual or Business Tax Questionnaires, Extension Requests, Landlord Rosters, Permit Applications, any document that contains confidential or sensitive information.

eForms are created with your organization's look and feel to ensure a seamless user experience. You choose between two types of eForms:

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InSource eSolutions Are “Green”

In addition to saving money, InSource eSolutions help protect our environment. Our eSolutions reduce the amount of paper used for billing, tax reporting, office ordering and printing, conserve precious natural resources, reduce energy use, and help to keep the world in which we live and work, green.